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Lobbying Congress to Raise the Definition of Hemp to 1%

Hemp’s current legal definition ignores scientific progress and compromises positive farm and market development resulting from 2014 Farm Bill pilot programs. The industry cannot thrive in a regulatory climate hostile to the crop. Current regulations threaten the supply chain restricting market growth domestically and internationally.

What do 1% THC Mean for Your Business?

• Farmers can grow without danger of legal risk, destruction, or loss of investment

        In 2019 & 2020 more than 25% of farms had crops test hot, resulting in crop destruction (source: The Jacobson; Whitney Economics)


• Avoid destabilization of the supply chain, so that manufacturing can meet market demand

        Market researchers project that 2020's reported sales at $1.9 billion will surpass $6.9 billion by 2025 (source: Nielsen Global Connect)


• Leveling the playing field internationally and increasing U.S. market share; countries already producing at 1%:
        Switzerland, Western Australia, Uruguay, Colombia, Thailand, Ecuador

Trusted Advocacy

AgHS Chief Legislative Strategist Courtney N. Moran, LL.M.’s landmark legislative accomplishments include:


• Co-authoring the 2018 Farm Bill in collaboration with Senators Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Mitch McConnell (R-KY) 


• Advancing OR hemp agricultural and horticultural interests:

        HB 4060 (2016) (H. 54-4, S. unanimous)

        SB 1015 (2017) (H. unanimous, S. 26-3)

        HB 4089 (2018) (H. 58-1, S. unanimous)

        HB 2284 (2021) (H. unanimous, S. 26-3)

        HB 3000 (2021) (H. unanimous, S. 24-3) 


• Strategizing, authoring and implementing state hemp programs for SC, WI, AK, MO


• Guiding passage of MT HB 396 (2021) (H. 98-1; S. unanimous) authorizing hemp as animal feed and creating new markets for hemp grain, fiber and whole plant products

Join the Crossroads Campaign Today!

Affiliate Client Level ($250/mo, minimum 12 month engagement)

• Registering and maintaining status as federal representative

• USDA regulatory tracking and analysis, email updates, and action recommendations including USDA regulatory issue alerts

• Congressional bill tracking & analysis, email updates, and action recommendations including legislative issue alerts

Supporting Client Level ($1,000/mo, minimum 12 month engagement)
• Affiliate Client Benefits Package PLUS:
• Monthly Report
• Monthly Update Call with Chief Legislative Strategist
• Meetings with federal stakeholders to create and maintain vital relationships, gather intelligence, and promote the desired Campaign outcome

Stakeholder Client Level ($2500/mo, minimum 12 month engagement)
• Supporting Client Benefits Package PLUS:
• Consultations to develop client’s legislative or regulatory goals
• Pertinent committee hearing attendance 
• Engagement with state departments of agriculture and key state representatives to support Campaign goals

Thought Leader Client Level ($5,000/mo, minimum 12 month engagement)
• Stakeholder Client Benefits Package PLUS:
• Submitting and explaining specific client objectives to Congress & USDA 
• Drafting specific legislative or regulatory language
• Invitations to attend key policy meetings 
• Bi-weekly calls with Chief Legislative Strategist

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