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Agricultural Hemp Solutions: McConnell rebuts Grassley!

McConnell Rebuts Grassley

By now everyone in the hemp community has heard about the blatant attack on hemp “cannabinoids”, “extracts”, and “derivatives” by U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley and his big pharma friendly amendment. (to view full amendment, click here) Agricultural Hemp Solutions spent the better part of the last two days contacting several state Farm Bureaus making them aware of the clear threat that faced their farming community in hopes to effectively utilize their resources in D.C..

What AGHS also found concerning in the Grassley amendment was the language that would provide research on Medical Marijuana, which clearly undermines the work that Senator Gardner has done that President Trump recently recognized. This language was so alarming AGHS felt it imperative to engage the resources of the Marijuana industry and bring them up to speed on this egregious threat to their community as well.

The Scare is Over, for now!

This work along with the grass roots movement of calls and emails has proven to be effective! AGHS is proud to announce that the “Grassley Amendment” scare is over, for now! Today the Senate Ag Committee did not adopt the Grassley Amendment which is a huge win for our community. An even bigger win is that the Mitch McConnell amendments have been added in that will finally solidify hemp and all its derivatives are indeed a legal commodity. We know that this was an intentional attack by Grassley on Mitch McConnell and political attacks should not be at the expense of the U.S. Farmer. Senate Majority Leader and Hemp Farming Act of 2018 Sponsor Mitch McConnell stated “I’ve declined to include suggestions that would undercut the essential premise of the bill, namely that hemp and its derivatives should be a legal agricultural commodity just as it was in the United States for many years. Hemp should be allowed to flourish again in this country, especially as it did.” Today was a big win for farmers but please understand that this threat is not over!

Thank you!

AGHS will continue to work to squash any legislation that will try to thwart any movement forward with hemp! We thank everyone who got involved yesterday and today to ensure hemps production in the U.S. continues to advance forward. AGHS does support Senator McConnell’s future collaboration with Senator Grassley on these issues since he did state “I do support Industrial Hemp.”

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