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The Legality Of Hemp In The United States

In 2014 congress passed the Agricultural Act and within that act they added provisions for the cultivation of hemp in the United States under specific guidelines. Contrary to popular belief hemp was never made illegal in the U.S. it was only illegal to cultivate it. Therefore, we are the number one importer of hemp in the world. The Federal Farming Act of 2014 section 7606 finally set up guidelines that once again allowed hemp to be grown on American soil under state ran pilot research program. These programs must be overseen by the state agricultural department or a University and farmers need to be registered with either to grow. The program must also include an element of research on the growth, cultivation, marketability, or any aspect that would be classified as viable research around the production marketing and selling of industrial hemp and hemp products.

To date 33 states have some form of hemp legislation and 19 of those grew hemp in 2017. AGHS plans to push American grown hemp into a mainstream market and educate the public at large on the agribusiness benefits of this ancient crop. AGHS will push for legalization on both the state and federal level to allow the American farmer the ability to add this crop into their crop rotation and bring a new industry to the farming community. We will be the American farmers voice for hemp through the birth of this movement and the creation of this fledgling industry into a mainstream marketable crop. We fully understand how comprehensive legislation needs to be worded around this tightly regulated plant to allow protection for the farmers who are willing to take a chance and add hemp into their crop rotations. We have accomplished many victories both federally and in some of the most conservative states in the country. We look for the poison pills that can be added to every legislation and try to circumvent them on behalf of the farmer. Our team also has helped with the implementation of several state programs, so we can work with your Agricultural Department after the legislation is passed to help them create a comprehensive painless program.

If you have any questions on the legality of hemp in the United States or were your state is in the process of legalizing hemp for farmers to grow, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist you in any of your government affairs or public relations issues both on a state level or in Washington.

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