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A Farm Bill Discussion with Courtney Moran: Debunking the Miller Amendment

Chief Legislative Strategist Courtney N. Moran, LL.M, sat down with Justin Botillier, CEO of Calyx CPA, to set the record straight on what the proposed Farm Bill and Miller Amendment will mean for the hemp and cannabis industries.

Throughout the webinar, Courtney examines the Farm Bill's base language concerning hemp definitions and testing requirements, dispels myths about the now notorious Miller Amendment, and clears the air about what growers, producers, and distributors can expect should this version of the Farm Bill become law.


  • The Farm Bill base text adds a new definition for industrial hemp including hemp grown for fiber, grain, microgreens, research, and seeds to produce industrial hemp, and a new regulatory framework for industrial hemp production verification in State, Tribal, or USDA Plans providing for visual inspections, performance-based sampling methodologies, certified seed, or similar procedures

  • The base text also eliminates felony restrictions for those designating only industrial hemp production and authorizes the USDA Secretary to issue certificates of accreditation to laboratories

  • The Miller Amendment amends the definition of hemp and changes the threshold from a delta-9 threshold to a total THC concentration, including THCA, of not more than 0.3%.

    • This codifies into statute what the USDA has already done in its final rule

    • This definition excludes viable seeds from a plant that exceeds a 0.3% total THC concentration and certain hemp-derived cannabinoid products

      • This creates a new definition for hemp-derived cannabinoid products

"We need transparency, we need clear labeling, we need age restrictions, and this bill is not doing that. We do not see age requirements, we don't see testing requirements, we don't see labeling authorities, concentration limits, we don't see packaging authority. So you have to question: what is the intent behind this amendment? Is the intent consumer safety? Because it's not accomplishing that. So where are we within the process? Now, this is a very quick civics 101 lesson here, but we are at the very beginning stages of the legislative process."
- Courtney Moran, Chief Legislative Strategist, AgHS

Click the links below to read the transcript and download the PowerPoint slides on the Farm Bill & Miller Amendment!


PowerPoint Slides

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Is your business ready for the changes proposed by the Farm Bill and proposed amendments? Do you have policy goals you still want to see in this Farm Bill?

THERE IS STILL TIME! Have our expert team elevate your message to Congress before it's too late!

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