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Breaking News: New Federal Proposal Supports 1% THC!

DECEMBER 15, 2020

Today, Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul announced the “Hemp Economic Mobilization Plan of 2020“, which would raise the THC potency level from 0.3% to 1% for hemp.

The proposal embraces the loosening of restrictions on the crop that industry advocates have been calling for since hemp was legalized in 2018.  In addition to changing the legal definition of hemp to 1%, it calls for potency to be measured at the final product stage instead of the plant itself as well as other steps to lessen legal risks for farmers, processors and transporters.

“We achieved a hard-won victory, but there is still work to do to prevent the federal government from weighing down our farmers with unnecessary bureaucratic micromanaging,” Sen. Paul said.

Download the bill one-pager here for a closer look.  Even though the bill won’t be looked at this year due to other priorities including the omnibus appropriations bill and COVID stimulus package, it still tees up the issue for the 117th Congress, which begins January 3, 2021. 

Contact us to join the AgHS advocacy campaigns for the 117th Congress.

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