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Critical 2020 Rulemaking on Interim Final Rules, End of 2014 Farm Bill

As an emerging industry, Hemp is in a crucial phase in its evolution from contraband to commodity.  More than ever, it is essential that all members of this sector – farmers, entrepreneurs, ancillary business, and investors – pay close attention to the upcoming legislative and regulatory changes.

AgHS works tirelessly to align federal legislation and rulemaking with the domestic hemp industry so that rational laws can help meet the needs of farmers and protect U.S. hemp production.

During these unprecedented times, it’s become increasingly clear that this crop can also be a driver of economic recovery, so it’s important we get this right.  That’s why we are teaming up with premier cannabis law firm Vicente Sederberg and Vote Hemp on Tuesday, July 28, for an online discussion at 2:30 PM PST.

We want you to know the upcoming challenges, possibilities and timelines that will affect your crop and livelihood.  Beyond that, we want to help empower you to use your voice and prepare you to respond via the imminent public commentary period.

Please join us for this very important online meeting regarding the future of hemp!  Register FREE at this link:

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