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House Farm Bill Expected in May!

House Ag Commitee Chairman Glenn"GT" Thompson (Member's Day Dec. 2023)
House Ag Committee Chairman Glenn "GT" Thompson

House Agriculture Committee Chairman GT Thompson announced on April 16 that "Before Memorial Day, the House Committee on Agriculture will consider a farm bill that responds to a variety of crisis points, constituent priorities, needs of rural communities, and the demands of the current economy, both domestically and abroad."

While the notice specifically talks about the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and Thrifty Food Plan, the Chairman notes that the Farm Bill is "an opportunity that only presents itself once every five years or so". Regarding those important policy issues, he closes his notice with a comment, that is also relevant for the hemp industry "While the sea of misinformation remains endless, this is the right policy at the right time."

The hemp industry, regulators, and law enforcement are eager to have hemp policy clarified in the upcoming farm bill. What this new Farm Bill will provide for hemp is yet to become public. Stay tuned to ensure your business is prepared!

If you have policy goals you want accomplished this Congress or in the upcoming Farm Bill, there is still time!

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Read the full notice from Chairman Thompson here:

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