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Let’s Weed Out “0.3% THC” So Industry Can Thrive

Opinion Piece in

Hemp Industry Daily

by Shawn Hauser (Vicente Sederberg)

Affirms Change in Legal Definition of Hemp is Urgently Needed

On January 3, 2021, the 117th Congress will commence, bringing fresh opportunities to address one of our industry’s most faulty foundations: the 0.3%THC legal definition of hemp.  Only Congress can change that definition, which is not widely understood, and is often mistaken for a USDA issue.

With change in the air, it’s a great moment for our industry to clarify the foundation it needs to build in order to thrive.  Will we continue to stumble on a foundation of wobbly guesswork from a bygone era, or build our industry on the sturdy pillars of science and best practices?   An increasingly clear priority for our industry right now is the building of a sustainable legal framework that will allow it to grow and flourish instead of flounder in uncertainty. 

“It’s clear that the 0.3% THC limit is not workable in practice. The promising U.S. hemp industry is currently hamstrung by federal regulations that are extremely restrictive because of the legal need to regulate around this THC content.” – Shawn Hauser, Partner. Vicente Sederberg LLP

Chair of the Hemp and Cannabinoid Department and a great hemp ally, Shawn Hauser’s recent opinion piece in Hemp Industry Daily “After the election, let’s focus on fixing the arbitrary THC standard in hemp” gives us the benefit of looking through the lens of history to better understand our industry’s position today. Ending alcohol prohibition wasn’t like flipping a switch, rather legalization came in waves until it became what it is today.  Read the full article below to see how learning from alcohol prohibition can help guide us through the next steps of hemp’s journey from contraband to commodity.

Read the full article here.

If you’re ready to protect your business and empower this much-needed change for the hemp industry, please contact us to request the AgHS “Crossroads Campaign” Proposal – aimed directly at Congress to secure a 1% definition for hemp! 

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