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Missouri became the 40th state to legalize hemp!

In one of his last acts, Governor Eric Grietens signed into law HB 2034 sponsored byRepresentative Paul Curtman and led in the Senate by Senator Brian Munzlinger.

The successful passage of HB 2034 was achieved through the collaborative efforts of AGHS working in conjunction with Beyond Organics, Nexus Group, Clout Public Affairs, and the Missouri Farm Bureau. Beyond Organics was the driving entity working behind the scenes coordinating bill passage to ensure hemp becomes the next organic crop for farmers in Missouri.

“In my quest to find a multi-dimensional crop that works well in our organic regenerative agricultural system, all roads led to hemp”states Jordan Rubin owner of Beyond Organics Ranch, a 4,000-acre organic Missouri farm. “With its rich history of use and unlimited potential across a vast array of industries, we vigorously pursued the opportunity to make hemp an integral part of our operation putting substantial resources behind legislation that would allow Missouri farmers to participate in this exciting opportunity. The tremendous benefits that hemp has to offer carries the potential to transform the landscape of Missouri farming for generations to come.”

AGHS Chief Legislative Strategist Courtney N. Moran, LL.M. worked with both Senator Munzlinger and Representative Curtman in the drafting of the legislation and provided the pivotal strategy needed to legalize hemp in the Show Me state. AGHS and Nexus Group testified at the Committee hearings side-by side Representative Curtman and Senator Munzlinger to ensure the legislative intent for protection of the whole plant as a traditional agricultural commodity was achieved. AGHS Public Relations Director, Janel Ralph, coordinated with local advocacy groups in educating the legislative body on the importance of implementing comprehensive hemp legislation that supports Missouri farmers.

AGHS gives a special thank you to the incredible staff in both the Senate and House offices and in particular to Pat Thomas who coordinated negotiations with Nexus Group and fellow legislative offices through the finish line.

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