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Next Three Months Critical for Hemp's Future

AgHS Joins Vicente Sederberg & Vote Hemp for High-Level Online Webcast on 2020 Hemp Rulemaking.

JULY 28, 2020: The top Cannabis Law Firm hosted AgHS Chief Legislative Strategist Courtney N. Moran, LL.M. and Vote Hemp President Eric Steenstra for a cutting-edge preview of the upcoming USDA rulemaking session. Over 150 attendees gathered for key updates on proposed changes that will impact the 2020 harvest season and make the next three months critical to the future of the industry.

Vicente Sederberg partner Shawn Hauser opened the discussion with an overview of the Interim Final Rules (IFR) and the main obstacles they present to the advancement of Hemp as an agricultural commodity.

Courtney, Chief Strategist of the AgHS Campaign to Align Federal Legislation and USDA Rulemaking with the Domestic Hemp Industry presented on how the industry can engage and take action. The Campaign’s objectives directly address the universal, fundamental problems with the highly restrictive IFR, which include:

  • Unrealistic 15-day harvest testing window

  • DEA over-reach in the USDA’s Domestic Hemp Program (i.e. DEA-approved Labs)

  • Lack of options for disposal of non-compliant crops

  • Arbitrary criminalization of farmers

USDA's proposed changes go into effect Oct. 31, 2020, so we must unite and act now!

Eric Steenstra underscored that increasing the definition of hemp from 0.3% to 1% THC was the real solution, and then all three panelists discussed what a workable strategy for the next three months could look like.

LEARN MORE about the AgHS Campaign here and most importantly, participate and support it! Hemp will need tens of thousands of signatures/ comments from the Industrial Hemp Community and financial support in order to cross the threshold into full legitimacy.

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