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Sep. 30 – USDA Interim Final Rules Explained, Q&A

SEPTEMBER 24, 2020

AgHS Chief legal strategist Courtney N. Moran, LL.M. will give a FREE webinar on Wednesday, September 30, at 1 PM PST/4 PM ET over ZOOM.  The topic is the USDA’s controversial Interim Final Rules (IFR) for the hemp industry

With the deadline for public commentary approaching on October 8, it’s essential for hemp industry stakeholders nationwide to understand the ramifications of the IFR if they are implemented in their current form.  Some key risks that they present for hemp farmers, processors, and entrepreneurs:

  1. Unreasonable 15-day harvest window with each sampling

  2. DEA-registered lab testing requirement

  3. Sampling methods that virtually guarantee a “hot” read

  4. .5% THC criminal negligence threshold

  5. DEA over-reach into the domestic hemp industry

  6. Unworkable & expensive mandatory testing of every lot produced

Courtney will clarify the risks, the steps being taken by advocates and lawmakers to address the issues, and will advise on how to submit crucial, solution-oriented comments to the USDA.

Spots are filling quickly, so please make sure and register FREE at:

See you on the 30th!

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