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Hemp For Victory

Most Americans don’t know that during World War II the United States government released a film encouraging farmers to grow as much hemp as possible. The film was meant to educate farmers on all the uses of hemp and influence them to add industrial hemp into their crop rotations. The government needed farmers to grow hemp for fiber due to the wars consumption of industrial fibers. The film outlines how hemp is grown and how hemp is processed into rope, cloth, cordage, and other products. For several decades the government denied the existence of the film and it wasn’t until 1989 when two VHS copies were recovered and donated to the Library of Congress by Maria Farrow, Carl Packard and Jack Herer. The film was produced by the US Department of Agriculture and is now able to be viewed on many social media outlets across the internet. Hemp for Victory once again shows us that hemp is one of the most affluential crops for American farmers as well as one of the oldest viable crops that have been grown throughout history. It is unfortunate that hemp has been lumped into marijuana and been demonized through years of marijuana propaganda. Agricultural Hemp Solutions plans on educating the masses and changing the narrative that has stigmatized this crop for the last 60 plus years. With your help we can bring one of the most ancient crops back into mainstream farming agribusiness and revitalize the American farmer.

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