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Will the Hemp Industry Survive the Miller Amendment?: A Lancaster Farming Podcast with Courtney Moran

AgHS's Chief Legislative Strategist Courtney Moran, LL.M., joins Eric Hurlock of the Lancaster Farming Industrial Hemp Podcast and Justin Swanson of the Midwest Hemp Council to discuss the Miller Amendment: a recent addition to the House draft of the 2024 Farm Bill.

Does the Miller Amendment address public safety concerns, as is its stated purpose?

On the podcast, Moran dispels myths about what the Miller amendment could mean for the hemp industry.

Introduced by Representative Mary Miller (R-IL), the "Miller amendment" seeks to address alleged "loopholes" that have allowed for the sale of delta-8 and other alternative intoxicating products practically unregulated.

In March, 21 Attorneys General from around the country signed a statement imploring Congress to close this perceived loophole, saying these unregulated, intoxicating products were packaged and marketed to children.

In a statement on her website, Miller said delta-8 products were being sold in packaging that looks like candy.

“We must stop teenagers and children from being exposed to addictive and harmful drugs,” Miller said.

Many in the hemp industry think this amendment will have unintended consequences that could shut down the industry and destroy the livelihoods of people who are making legal and safe hemp products -- but Moran sets the record straight.

"It's creating a new definition for hemp, which is much more restrictive than what we currently have with the 2018 farm bill, and it actually creates exclusions from that definition. It also creates a new definition for hemp-derived cannabinoid products. And so we have a new definition, and we also have another definition. Amending another definition, that is problematic. But her goals of trying to support and help children or really provide for consumer health and public safety. Those pieces are not within her amendment."
- Courtney N. Moran, LL.M., AgHS

So, what does the Miller Amendment mean for the hemp industry?

While Moran agrees that the new definitions for hemp and hemp-derived cannabinoids proposed by the amendment are concerning, she also responds to the media storm which has claimed that the amendment is industry-killing:

"I wouldn't phrase it as industry killing, no. And I know that is the pretty consistent message that I'm seeing across social media, email messaging, things like that. I do think it's concerning, but it's concerning to me not just what is on the page, but what is not on the page."
- Courtney Moran, AgHS

Watch the full podcast above to learn the full story!

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Click below to read the transcript:


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