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NoCo Experience Hemp Summer Solstice Virtual Convention & Trade Show

Please join us for this special virtual event June 16-19th, 2020. Packed full of programming, the NoCo Experience Hemp Summer Solstice Virtual Conference & Trade Show will provide participants with FREE access to six live webcast Supersessions including;

  1. Innovation: Technology Advances Across the Hemp Supply Chain

  2. Investor Outlook: Financial Future of The Hemp Industry

  3. Food Sovereignty, Nutrition & Hemp’s Role

  4. Bast & Hurd: Opportunities in Building, Biocomposites, Biofuels & More

  5. The 2020 Hemp Crop: Harvesting, Drying, Handling & Finding Markets

  6. The 1 Percent Solution – Why 0.3% THC is Arbitrary and Wrong

During the event, you’ll find hemp companies in the virtual expo halls, gain access to six live webcast Supersessions, watch archive footage in the Library or stop in one of the Networking Lounges and discuss the trending topics in the hemp industry today.

Experience Hemp with us on a virtual journey! The Expo Halls remain open for business 24/7 through June 19th. All you have to do is login on June 16, 2020 with your registered email address and look around! You can also download an overall agenda to view the Supersession schedules.

“The 1 Percent Solution – Why .3% THC is Arbitrary and Wrong”

June 18th @ 1pm PST

Panelists will address questions regarding the USDA ruling and its latest policy regulations relating to the limit under USDA rules governing hemp cultivation. Join in the conversation as to how the industry can unite and effectively lobby to help effect this needed change.

  1. Courtney Moran, Attorney, EARTH Law LLC

  2. Shawn Hauser, Partner and Chair, Hemp and Cannabinoids Department, Vicente Sederberg LLP

  3. Herrick Fox, CEO & Co-Founder, Meristem Farms LLC

  4. Cary Giguere, Agricultural Resource Management Section Chief, Vermont Agency of Agriculture

  5. Moderator: Doug Fine, Hemp Farmer and Author, Hemp Bound and American Hemp Farmer

  6. Kayla Haddix-Heard, Founder of Hippie Hempster, Speaker Coordinator at CoHempCo

As the U.S, hemp market continues to evolve, will its 0.3% THC limit prove to be a disadvantage in the global marketplace as other countries seek to establish a 1% THC limit, which the industry agrees is a much more reasonable limit for farmers and producers without impacting consumers at all? Given that the 0.3% limit was invented arbitrarily by Canadian researchers for a 1976 study seeking to differentiate between hemp and marijuana cultivars and who never intended for it to become a national standard, what are the chances we can change the limit to 1% under USDA rules governing hemp cultivation? How can the industry unite to effectively lobby for this effort, and what can you do as an individual and industry leader to help effect this needed change?

Once the live sessions have finished, you can view the recordings in the Library. We look forward to seeing you during the Experience Hemp Summer Solstice event! And be sure to bring a friend, it’s free to attend!

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