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What the 1% Means to You!

Stakeholder Responses to the Question: "What Does 1% THC Mean to You"?

The question of whether the current legal definition of hemp at 0.3% THC is viable is crucial for our industry going forward. With attention focused on hemp in the U.S. Capitol, the time is right to take stakeholder concerns and comments to lawmakers! When we asked you what 1% meant to you, we knew it would hit a nerve, and we received numerous heartfelt responses from across the country and from different levels of the supply chain! Although it was hard to choose from so many inspiring answers, here are what we consider to be five top responses to the question thus far. Stay tuned, as we'll be using your responses in our ongoing campaign for 1%!

"It is easier to change the law than it is to change nature. I will not be able to grow hemp CBD at full potency with a .03 restriction that is unattainable by nature. Thank you for supporting this reasonable request."

"It is inevitable that THC will be present in hemp. The 0.3% law makes it very challenging for hemp farmers to stay within the legal limits of THC and grow a hemp crop with the percentage of CBD that is not only financially beneficial but also highly therapeutic."

"Science has proven that the entourage effect, or whole plant synergy, provides a better outcome for patients and customers. 1% THC is insignificant, and cannot induce a psychoactive reaction, or "high". Let's please listen to science and the vast majority of the American public and change the statute from <0.3% to 1%."

"It would allow our company to thrive with quality products that the consumer would actually want to purchase. If we stay at 0.3% we will keep losing money & will have to close our doors."

"The worst thing that can happen to a farmer is that at the end of harvest the test results show that the THC content is 0.4%. It’s heartbreaking to have to work so hard for something to then have to discard it all."

Welcome, Jefferson Hemp Exchange!

We are grateful to welcome Jefferson Hemp Exchange (JHE) and Jefferson Packing House to the Crossroads Campaign! JHE Chief Matt Ochoa is known throughout Oregon as a pioneer of the state's hemp industry and proponent of streamlined systems for hemp cultivation and processing.

We're looking forward to representing JHE's business interests in the process of securing workable legislation for hemp as a respected commodity cash crop.

“We’re still working toward the day that hemp is recognized for all the value it holds for our community. Until we build a proper legal export framework based on science and common sense, then our industry will remain under pressure from illegal operators and law enforcement. Let’s get it right so that we build the next cash crop commodity on solid ground.” - Matt Ochoa, Jefferson Hemp Exchange

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